KP231 Lecture 13: Lecture 13 - Environmental Health

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Kinesiology & Physical Education
Renee Mac Phee

Environmental Health Environmental pollution • Air pollution • Pollutants 1. Gaseous • Carbon dioxide • From fuels that are burned (cars, trucks, industry) • Greenhouse effects • The result of increased levels of carbon dioxide, which in turn has is creating a gradual warming of the earth’s surface • Carbon monoxide • Clear, colourless gas • Two by-products: • Acid moisture • Combination of nitric acid and sulfuric acid • Results of acid rain, acid snow, acid fog • Smog • Gray air smog • Cooler months: mixture of moisture, sulfur oxides and particulate matter • Brown air smog • Warmer months: moisture combines with hydrocarbons and particulate matter • Ozone layer • Protects us from direct exposure to the sun • Nitrous oxide mixing with materials containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) are progressively thinning the ozone layer • Sources of nitrous oxide: • Propellant in aerosol cans • Industrial production of nylon • Released naturally from oceans, by bacteria in soils and from animal wastes • Combustion of fossil fuels, soil cultivation, use of commercial and organic fertilizers 2. Particulate • Examp
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