CS 101 Week Three Lecture Notes

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Languages & Literatures
Jeremy Hunsinger

Media Institutions and Industries: - print - movies - music - television We don’t own the material that we read/are exposed to! Mass communication: how we use the media to mould and direct the public. Who’s the public? WE ARE! Private Media: - television at home (television used to be a public media, people didn’t own it themselves until the 60’s or 80’s) Great transformation between the 1980 boom-box and today’s iPod (your own playlist) - music is now highly individualized - In 1983, there were 50 major corporations that produced most of the media in the world; today there are 5 (they produce messages that serve themselves) - 3 corporations make up 83% of the media production in francophone Canada, one of which is Quebecor (Has a right-wing bias), State Media (Middle Bias), no left-wing bias - Journalism is the fourth estate - There are many different media outlets, some of which we produce independently (Alternative Media) - You spend your whole life being told what to do; in theory, we are being developed to choose and make choices; do administrative systems have choice? In work, there is a boss and a manual which give us a rule-bound life. How are we Canadian who are multiculturalists, democratic, and pluralist if we have constraints? Different public interests form parts of our reality - Trained to be a certain fixed way, how are we expected to act democratically? - Do we need democratic media to have a democracy? More voices in the media? When we have fewer voices is it more likely to have a stronger, more cohesive democratic party? Yes - 2007: Biggies of media ownership worldwide were: Walt Disney Corp., Bertelsmann (German company), Time Warner, News Corp, Viacom (owns almost all second-run production of smaller TV shows) -******** Canada is different; there is a law against Canadian broadcasters being owned completely by foreign forces. *** The Big Three: CTV Globalmedia, CanWest, Quebecor *** - providing things that influence our mind from the Canadian sphere (newspapers, cable, radio, etc) Horizontal Integration: Vertical Integration: Buy everything in their whole supply chain, inefficient, want tighter control of the message ***Theyrule.net (shows how tightly integrated the media is) LOOK THROUGH IT FOR EXAM*** Epic 2015 Movie Tim Berners Lee invents Internet in Switzerland 1998: Google unleashed 1999: Blogger unleashed 2002: Friendster unleashed (like fb) 2002: Googl
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