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Lecture 1

LY100 Lecture 1: LY 100 – Sept.29.2016-Law is Narratology

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Law & Society
Bruce Mc Kay

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 LY 100 – Introduction to law and society A pyramid legal entanglements Law vs. legality  How do we draw the distinction between what is law and what is not law?  What are the limits to studying the law by just looking at formal legal institutions/ actions? o You need to understand the people legal interactions with it and legal institution can’t do that o The written law doesn’t say much about how it should be interpreted and how it should be applied to each legal case. Legality  Feature of social interaction that exist in those moments when people invoke legal concepts and terminology, associating the law with other social phenomenon  Inquiry into when the law absents when it makes otherwise invoked/used Three law and society approaches  Legal effectiveness- the question of whether a law is doing what it was set out to do  Legal effect- What does the law actually do? The purpose is the purpose of the law being meet is it doing more than it is supposed to do or less?  Legal consciousness- mutual created process that through our behaviour we create the and the law is created o Legal consciousness is understood as a reciprocal process, by which the meanings Consciousness – result of environment  What we believe is an outcome of broad structures in society Wednesday, September 28, 2016 o Anthropologist: product of group beliefs, traditions o Marxist: Product of relations of production- e.g. how law reflects class interests gi  Social organizations ( or relations) produce the means of authorizing, sustaining or reproducing themselves o The law and consciousness we have comes from where we sit in the system Legal culture  Creates patterned options for consciousness  Efforts to integrate human action and s
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