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Law & Society
Patricia O' Reilly

Crim Law th November 8 , 2012 Week 9, Thursday bank robbery: plan and deliberate, have get away car, blueprints, guns, etc someone rings and says they can't rob the bank, they are not guilty because they made their intention known to stop being involved- but already planned etc so are they guilty? Dunloft and Sylvester: issue in case: gang rape- two men brought beer and then supposedly left. Charge: aiding and abetting 1979 appeal court of manitoba- parties to an offence- aiding and abetting Plaintiff identified two defendants as two people who raped her. 6 years in federal penitentiary court of appeal found an error on part of trial judge by a two-three majority they sustained conviction by applying 613 of criminal code. Scc- KNOW FACTS OF CASE. Judge said they MIGHT be guilty under section 21 (1) (at trial division) knew an offence was happening and failed to hinder or stop it. Said they did not know, nor did they ever know. (defendants) Grey eyes case: undercover police officer- aiding and abetting- cocaine- led to an apartment know facts of case. Trafficking. Punishment must fit the crime. Guy was clearly or was clearly not a pusher. Or was it under the notion of agency, but for whom was he the agent- the trafficker, or the undercover police officer. KNOW THE CASE Jackson: having dinner at accused house jackson having relations with boss at work-
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