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Wilfrid Laurier University
Law & Society
Patricia O' Reilly

Criminal Law In Canada September 13 , 2012 Week 1, Thursday. What is a crime? Acrime is a negligent or intentional act that deprives another human to a right that they have. Example: Right to life, murder is taking away the right to life. An act that violates law and has a punishment which can include a fine or a prison term. Summary and Indictable. Summary: Nude in public, disturbance in a public place without lawful reason. Indictable: SexaulAssault with a weapon Murder Is criminal law a public form of law, or is it private? Public. Two primary sources of law Judidicial (judge decisions) and legislative (government) Constitution of canada: 1982. Section 91: Federal Section 92: Provincial Quasi Crim Law: Actus Reus Mens Rea How does criminal law differ from Private Law? Private Law, government isn't involved unless suing or being sued by someone. It's between two citizens usually. Up to $25, 000 in damages. Usually a fine is paid out instead of a prison sentence. Sometimes can set precedents (not often though) contract law, tort law, family law,
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