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Law & Society
Patricia O' Reilly

Criminal Law in Canada September 27, 2012 Week 3, Thursday. Amodel of the reasonable person: what a reasonable person would do in those situations Causality: (two types) Factually causation: what was caused (A causing B) If I hit a gong, the result is ringing- the factual cause is swinging the hammer to hit the gong. What actually happened- you can prove it. Legal Causation: imputable. About who will be held responsible. Legal responsibility. But For: but for you this having done this, this would not have occurred. (if you hadn't taken this road, you wouldn't have crashed the car) Troattoa case: infant who was assaulted by mr troatta, mrs did not report it to proper authorities. Husband brought up on second degree murder. Mother was convicted of criminal negligence. (she could've done something to stop it, she should've because she had a duty to her children) duty ends when the child is 16. Everyone is able to have the necessary's (provided by parents) of life until age 16. Mother also had a moral duty to report the father. Foreseeability: did you or could you have prohibited the consequences of the act? Could you reasonably see the consequences of your act? Can you envisage what the consequences are? Trakas case: 2008 and the associated Shilon case: 2006 trakas: mr. trakas was selling a legal motorcycle. Somebody showed up in a pick up truck. Wants to do a test drive. Drives off in the motorcycle- someone was in the truck and drove off in it. So both truck and motorcycle are gone right now. Trakas gives chase. Trakas calls after he begins chasing.
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