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Law & Society
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Patricia O' Reilly

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Crim November 1, 2012 Week 8, Thursday midterm- tues nov 20 th mc and short answer- material since last exam research paper- nov 22 nd citation: have to have a reference page (bibliography) end notes-or foot notes case citation: has to be done as a footnote or an end note statute citations: foot note or end note if we prefer- can cite within the body if it's a book or an article- but for cases or statute- has to be done as end note or foot note author year page- case citation in body stlye MLA,APAdoesn't matter articles and books- give credit to individuals chapter 6 quiz regulatory offences- found in provincial offences act 1) what is a true crime and give an example of what it is: true crime: a breach of community values and is deemed punishable, first degree murder distinction between true crime and regulatory: true crime: against individual (CCC) regulatory: public protection, health and safety, different acts- highway traffic act, competition act, the fisheries act etc 2) distinction between strict liability offences and absolute liability offences? The difference between strict and absolute liability is whether the defence of a mistake of fact is available: in a crime of absolute liability, a mistake of fact is not a defence. Strict liability you can only use due diligence, it's a reverse onus. Ping Yuen 1921 small business owner • saskatchewan • people come from far to get his product because of the quality • police officer searched his business • found 5 bottles
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