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Law & Society
Patricia O' Reilly

Role of Harm November 6 , 2012 Week 9, tuesday The harms in the youth justice system purpose to show inadequacies in the way the Canadian Justice System deals with young offenders Discuss minorities in YJS. 1908-1984- Juvenile Delinquent act 1984-2003- YOA YCJA- 2003-present. (youth criminal justice act) Youth justice system: (YOA) lacks clear and soherent youth justice philosophy Incarceration overused courts over used for minor cases Sentencing decision by courts resulted disparities and unfairness in youth sentencing YOAdoes not ensure effective reintegration YCJA as of april 1, 2003, it replaces YOA emphasize rehabilitation and re-entry of a young offender into society. Over 160 amendments custody reserved for violent and repeated offenders. Extrajudicial measures key objectives of YCJAis to increase the use of effective and timely non court responses to less serious offences. Meningful consequences Conferences: group of people who get together to talk about the cases and what can be done to help young offender. Informal. Can be healing circle. Adult sentencing for youth Got rid of transfer hearing to adult court aduly sentence may only be used for youth after foung guilty in court more protections throughout the process to ensure the rights are fully guarded presumptive offences: murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, aggravated sex assault, repeated serious violent offences (3 or more) rd safe str
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