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Law & Society
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Patricia O' Reilly

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Crim Law in Canada
October 4, 2012
Week 4, Class 2, Thurs.
Proposal: October 11th. Due November 8th.
At least 5 scientific sources- don't put textbooks on bibliography
u of t journal, journal of law and society
2 cases minimally
1 or 2 pages.- bibliography.
Double spaced
I.D topic
argument (s)
every time we raise an argument we need to put evidence (proof)- briefing as an appendage
(overview of what the case is about and the info about it etc)
both sides of the argument
analysis- in the body of the paper
1st person (but not the paper)
Paper- 10-12 (maximum of 12) pages, at least 10. (not including bib)
bibliography is whatever style we want.
Appendacize is at the end, not part of the bibliography
Appendix A can be a summary of ______ article
Appendix B would be a briefing of the extra cases we used.
Must number pages. (don't number page one)
include proper citation.
Use headings and subtitles
coherence, use of research, originality, how there's a weaving of theory (one says this however
the other says this, this is what I feel is reflected in this case)
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