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Lecture 4

MU121 Lecture 4: lecture 4 notes

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Brent Hagerman

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Lecture 4 Notes▯ Time Signature▯ - Tells us the number of beats in a bar/ measure▯ - - Example: Rocket 88 ▯ 44= $ beats per measure and a quarter not gets one beat ▯ ▯ Changes in The Industry▯ - Major labels fought off guard by independents ▯ - Sun records Elvis originally recorded for ▯ - Chess records Chuck Berry originally recorded for▯ - Major labels eventually remake rock ’n’ roll in the image of Tin Pan Alley ▯ ▯ Teenybopper Rock▯ - Frankie Avalon: The song “ Bobby sox into Stockings” ▯ - Fabian▯ - Bobby Darin▯ - Neil Sedaka▯ - Paul Anka: The song “Puppy Love”▯ - The mainstream music industry has a way of making music before rock (Called Tin Pan Alley)▯ ▯ Brill Building▯ - Business model with professional song writers put in rooms to write songs. ▯ - Carole King and Paul simon started out as in house song writers. ▯ - Carole King and Gerry Goffin: “The Loco-motion”, “Up on the Roof”▯ - Burt Bacharach: “Magic moments”, “The look of love”▯ - Neil Sedaka: “Breaking up is hard to do”▯ - Neil Diamond: “Im a believer”▯ - Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller: “Yakety Yak”, “Love potion number nine”▯ - The control is in the hands of the music industry ▯ - Phil Spector was part of a new area as he influenced the history or Rock “n” Roll. ▯ ▯ Changing Role of Producers▯ - Pre-1960s▯ - Sometimes owned the studio, got th
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