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Lecture 7

MU121 Lecture 7: lecture 7 notes

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Brent Hagerman

Lecture 7 Notes▯ Quiz Answers▯ - Early songs by Bob Dylan focused on: Social injustices ▯ - Which festival did Bob Dylan go electric: Newport ▯ - Pet Sounds was influential for Beatles album: The Beatles Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band. ▯ - Created a television show with the purpose of selling records: the Monkees ▯ - Which wasn't an inspiration for the Beatles: David Boue.▯ - Jimi Hendrix play the “Star Spangled Banner”: Woodstock ▯ - Good Vibrations consumed more studio time and budget allocation than any pervious pop song.▯ - Sampling was associated with hip hop.▯ - In the 1960s radios did not have an FM dial.▯ - AOR is album oriented rock. ▯ ▯ Psychedelic Rock▯ - Timothy Leery was a professor and he said turn in, and drop out.▯ - - Leery was fired from Harvard for giving student L.S.D▯ Psychedelic rock: The connection to mind expansion and drugs.▯ - Musically: improvisation ▯ - Non-musical features: experimentation, music as part of trip, sense of bohemianism.▯ - Musical features: improvisation, non-standard musical forms and sounds, mixing idioms, live performances.▯ - The Hippie Aesthetic: The rock musician is an artist who has a responsibility to produce sophisticated music using whatever means are at his or her disposal. The music should stand up to repeated listening and the lyrics should deal with important issued or themes (Covach & Flory 295)▯ - Bob Dylan brings folk values in to rock ’n’ roll. ▯ - FM radio changed technology that facilitated the popularity of psychedelic rock. ▯ ▯ So Far▯ - Psychedelic rock is experimentation, drugs, Hippie aesthetic, “serious” music. ▯ ▯ The Beatles▯ - March 1963: Please Please me▯ - Recording time: 9 3/4 hours, # of track: 2▯ - First use of 4 track machine▯ - July 1964: Hard days nights▯ - Recording time: 65 hours, # of tracks: 4▯ - Dec 1964: Beatles for sale▯ - # of tracks: 4▯ - August 1965: Help▯ - # of tracks: use two 4-track records on title track▯ -
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