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Lecture 6

NO 101 Lecture 6: NO105 WEEK 6.docx

North American Studies
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NO105 WEEK 6
So far in NO105…
- Exploring North America through the lens of:
- Life stories/biographies
- Skill development
- Core themes
- Interdisciplinary
Life Stories
Economics/ Migration
- Perception/misperception (NAFTA, Narcotrafficking)
- Convergence/divergence (democratic racism, blackness)
- Asymmetry
- National identity formation
From last week…
- It is clear that there is a deep connection between the lack of economic opportunities
and poverty in Mexico with the desire to “get out “
- Internal flight, if you have a drug issue in one part of Mexico or facing violence, don’t
worry you can move to Guadalajara
-Mexicans asylum seekers who are vulnerable in Mexico as a result of drug cartel activity
are faced with Canadian government resistance to their claims for refugee status and face
-Is Mexico a failed state? Because your government can’t protect you
-Mercille offers an alternative explanation for the drug war, based on the central role of
Political Economy
- Not so much the supply side, but to control the demand side
- He argues that the US government is playing an increasing role in fuelling the drug
industry in order to promote their hegemonic project of economic liberation
Canto de Familia
- a lot of girls in the band
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