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NO101 November 28

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North American Studies
Bina Mehta

NO101- Final Lecture – November 28, 2012 Last Week - Canada/ US Border - NAFTA o Changing economies o Good/bad for Mexico (unclear) - 1960s Auto Pact North American Studies Program rd - December 3 5:30 PM BA112 - Exchange info, major/ minor options - Exam - Dec 17 3:30 PM, University Stadium - See MLS - Entire course - No dates/ people’s names in terms - 5 points = 5 things/ sentences (for definitions) – doing 6 definitions - 1 essay question (see pointers) – won’t be specific, show what you know (question encompasses the entire course) - Allowed a cheat sheet/ card (email prof. if not in lecture or tutorial) - Use the idea “What is this class about” to study (critique, analyze, link ideas - Read slides, then see the readings (last reading is a good idea to look at) US/ Mexico Border - Focus of Americans - Quote – politically successful allows people to take a stand on the border in their elections as a sheriff (use it to get elected) in the Southern states – promise to crack down on illegals - Failure – the border doesn’t keep people out Why Migrate? - Mexico is not industrialized (must work outside) - We have migrant workers in Southern Ontario (Lemington for the agricultural work) - Problem on the border in Mexico is all the people moving up the Central American land mass living in Mexico on the border waiting to cross – Americans want Mexico to patrol their border better - The border is porous (there are lots of gaps/ holes allowing for movement of people and goods) - Global forces increase desire for Mexicans to move (ex. Television commercials of a great life) Connections - Chicanos – Mexicans born in the USA Maquiladoras - Pre- NAFTA - Along the North (border) of Mexico parts (electronics) were going back and forth across the border to be built o Some industrialization o Cheap Mexican labour (women especially with small hands can work with the small parts – young, some 16-17 yrs old) o Electronic waste (chemicals) dumped around there – below US environmental standards – environmental degradation o Poor housing (improvised) – growing cities – improvised situations (not enough housing, proper electrical lines, hygiene or standards of any kind) – too many people too quickly - Mexico depends on renting out workers - Macho society – problems created by women working, not men BIP - These wages for the women are more than anyone was making in their families (good jobs relative to Mexican incomes) - Created jobs- but for people who were not expected to work (doesn’t solve the unemployment problem) o Men move North to work (across the border) or drug traffic o More dangerous for women to cross - Deal that gives employment but leaves little to no capital in Mexico Bordertowns - Up to government, etc to try to fight conditions (actively trying to improve the conditions) o But it is difficult to prosecute the electronic companies Illegals - Ex. 70 bodies found dead because of trafficing gone wrong - People and drugs are big business for trafficing - Slightly less people crossing but the people who do cross repeatedly - Ex. Tijuana crack down, less
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