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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

 Maurice "The Rocket" Richard: The Story of Hockey and its Meaning in (to) Canada  Outline:  Maurice "The Rocket" Richard  Hockey in Historical Context  Hockey as Popular Culture  Hockey's Troubles and Tribulations  Canadians realize the NHL teams are businesses  The impact of the World Hockey Association  1972 Summit Series  The Role of Violence in the Game (e.g., enforcers)  The Symbolism of the Gretzky Trade  Maurice Richard (1921 - 2000)  Seriously injured twice while amateur player, was still picked up by Canadian hockey team  Breaks his leg once after joining league  Scored 50 goals in 50 games in 1944-1945 (first time this is done)  Known for his fierce competitiveness  Played his best in the playoffs  Still holds record for playoff game winning goals (18 game-winning goals during playoffs)  Enthusiasm for hockey made him a hero to his fellow Quebeckers  Also known for short temper (got into many fights)  Never backed down from other players  Very good at playing the aggressive style of hockey that emerged during his time  Just under 1300 penalty minutes accumulated in his career  Richard Riot:  March 1955: offensive player cut Richard above his eye with hockey stick; after showing referee, Richard flew into a rage and beat the offensive player with his hockey stick; Richard is pulled of twice; pulled of second time by referee; Richard punches the referee twice in the face  Richard suspended for rest of year (including playoffs - which had never been done)  First time player was suspended for the playoffs  Francophone fans upset (seen as reflective of larger political tension between francophones and anglophones)  The president that suspended Richard was an anglophone  President wants to come to next game which is in Quebec; Quebec governor and Quebec police warn him not to come  He is pelted with raw fruits and vegetables, but then a can of tear gas is thrown  Game is stopped but later stated that the canadians forfeited (they lost)  Riots break out in Montreal (vandalism and looting; 40 people injured; more than 20 cops trying to contain riot)  Death of a Legend (2000):  More than 100,000 people went to his funeral  Notable figures appeared: Prime Minister, hockey players, etc.  Funeral held in Notre Dame Cathedral  Hockey symbolism:  Toughness  Survival  Aggressive  Violent  Violent aggression that is played out in a good Canadian way  Modern hockey developed in the 1870's by McGill students  1890's: Lord Stanley donated trophy (Stanley Cup) because he was so impressed by the game  Colony to nation, perhaps back to colony (way that hockey and nation are developing)  Hockey = Canada  Hockey rejected and replaced 19th century British cultural norms  Hockey was new and rugged and independent (something distinctive that set us apart)  Northern, violent, aggressive  Becomes a symbol of Canada's coming of age  Hockey is developing along with nation  Hockey associated with local and regional identities  People take ownership of teams  More healthy rivalries form  Money could be made from this rivalry  Entrepreneurs emerge (start to charge ad
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