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North American Studies
Bina Mehta

NO101- Lecture Notes October 31, 2012 Representing Latinos in Hollywood Early Representation - Western films - Stereotypes matter- minorities are affected by the labelling - dominant representations - films are for fun but these stereotypes become internalized -greaser- dirty and untrustworthy men - bad things happen when Americans enter Mexico - white guys in the Westerns “like” the dark ladies -Mexicans -(buffoons)- are comic relief - (banditos)- criminals Ideology - Stereotypes come from ideology - Manifest destiny- the Mexicans were in the way of the Americans settling the country o Americans are more democratic (than any other culture) and had to remove everyone o Desire to “help” the Mexicans (need Americans to solve their problems) - Image- vilianize the Mexican - Western frontier must eliminate the Natives and the Mexicans o Taking the land from those that were there o Proving manhood - Equality between races was not an ideology at the time Vera Cruz (film clip) - Gunners from American Civil War go to Mexico to help the Mexicans o Hired guns between Mexican revolt (white men fight for Mexicans in return for $) - Full of Mexican stereotypes - Hired guns attack/ try to acquire the dark lady in a horse wrangling scene o she steals the white man’s wallet (thief/ temptress) o gun men focused on which side pays better - emperor dressed extravagantly in “emperor” clothing - rebel leader dressed in sombrero and Mexican blanket o peasant cause in his mission (offers the men gratitude) o mariachi band plays in the back o army pops out of nowhere (hundreds of men) o tell the Americans they aren’t savages - Americans out think the Mexicans – hold children captive - Cowboys/ heroes - The Americans bring the negative/ violence (killed men/ took children) - Complicated perspective of Mexicans (nicer version) High Noon (film clip) - 1950s McCarthyism- attack on making anti-revolutionary films - Mexican woman had relationship with main man enough so that he knows Spanish (desire of the dark lady)- in opposition to his white wife - Man can’t run from the problem, he needs to prove his honour - Mexican woman not wanting to help American man (asks her to ask the other man to not kill him)- strong woman, not afraid, advises him to leave the conflict before it begins - Displays the dark lady/ lure of the Mexican woman Actors of the 1920s - Latin lover o Mexican (Selma Heick – spelling?) * get a Spanish (Spain) person to play the Mexican Zorro - Positive or negative perspective? - Both actors are not actually Mexican (light skin but dark hair) - Mexican Robin Hood
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