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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

Week 10: The Tragically Hip The Hip  Formed as a group in 1983 in Kingston  As a group, they are pretty consistent  In their earliest days they played lots of small venues until they were discovered by the president of MTA records o Signs them on to a long term record deal  Released 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, 54 singles o 9 albums have rose to number 1 in Canada o 14 Juno awards  Early music influenced by the blues  Early 90s – develop a more unique and mature sound o Begin to explore Canadian themes  Geography, history, regional communities o They develop a lot of national fans  1996 – headline a concert with an audience of 90,000 ppl  First band to play at the air Canada center  Never had much success in the USA as they have had in Canada  Stan Rogers (1949-1983) o The Hip are sort of a renewed version of Rogers’ music o He was from Hamilton but songs referred to all different regions in Canada o In high school, well above his peers intellectually o In 70s begins to work with larger record labels o Very little success with the larger labels o Mid 1970s, commissioned by the CBC o 1976 – very large independent album o Goes on to write over 100 songs – his music has been performed by many recording artists o Most famous for his song “northwest passage” o Right before his career ended, he began playing many venues in the US o Dies in June 1983 coming home from a concert in Texas  Emergency landing in a plane Constructing Culture  Popular culture significantly contributes to the project of constructing Canadian identities  By understanding popular culture we can begin to understand how we see ourselves  Popular culture gives meaning to the idea of Canada  3 fundamental issues for understanding this whole process in relation to Canada o 1. There is a fundamental difficulty in trying to define Canada through popular culture because there is not only one Canada  Our country is divided by language, ethnicity, region, class o 2. Canada is a nation in transition  Because of this, our culture is constantly in transition  “Think of Canadianess as a process” where the trip is more valuable than reaching the destination o 3. Because of transitory nature, there is a sense of cautioness and insecurity  Makes us vulnerable to the influence of USA  Literature – both French Canadian authors and English Canadian authors o Language creates a divide automatically  Celine Dion – Canad
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