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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

NO111 Lecture #2 Thanadelthur First Nations Lecture Outline: - Thanadelthur - Pre contact - Contact - The fur trade - Colonial consequences Thanadelthur: 1697-1717 “She was one of a very high spirit and of the firmest resolution that ever I see an body in my days and of great courage and forecast” governor James knight - Spring of 1713 o She is captured by the Crete  By a raid o She escapes the camp after a year with another women o Goal after was to find source of the goods (Europeans) Northern Manitoba o The other women dies Thanadelthur still alive o She finds the trator o Big rivalry - York Factory 1770ss o She and the - James knight was the governor of york factory saw Thanadelthur as a expand trade with more nations o In for him to trade they need to be peace between both groups - In 1715 told his Crete guards to talk peace talks o Stewart Thanadelthur and Crete guards come across a massacre  The guards wanted to leave but Thanadelthur said no and told them to stay in 10 years Thanadelthur mediates Peace: - Ambassadress of peace: a chipewatan makes peace with the crees, 1715 by franklin Arbuckle (1953) o Thanadelthur invited in the York factory. First nation - Knight had a new mission for Thanadelthur “yellow medal” (gold) - Thanadelthur told her husband you play by my rules - She’s dies the next winter (poor nutrient) - On her death beat she told how to build on the peace of the Crete and chipewatan -> huge lost of - Lesson: - Significant of the first role of first nations - Impact of gender on the development of relations between Europe and first nations - Importantance - European Another example charlotte small: - Who was that woman in David Thompson canoe? Pre Contact: - The ordinal people who lived in north America came from Asia Bernicia o Between 20-40,000 years ago! o Highest population was near the west coast o 12,000 tears? o 1000 BCE people inhabited the north east coast if not earlier o Half a million to 2 million inhabit o That first nations believe they been here from the time of the morning (their land always been here) (forever) o Adapted to their environment  Connection to the land  Depending on where their were  Communities  Relationship of the land - Nations Groups are different (not Indians are not the same) o Diverse group 60 different nations in Canada - 52 different languages The Europeans explored Canada Cabot and Newfoundland 1497 - Cartier and the st Lawrence 1535 - Traveled around the st Lawrence Frobisher and Northwest Passage 1570s Hudson and Hudson Bay 1610 Champlain and the St. Lawrence (and inland rivers) 1600s - British explored the Hudson bay - French more of Quebec - Early explorations reveale
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