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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

NO110Canada Unplugged an Introduction Kevin Spooner kspoonerwluca Evolution of a Nation 1867 Confederation 1909 department of external affairs Cant be foreign because CAN is still part of Britain o1920Treaty of Versailles Late 1920sCanadas first Embassies abroad 1931Statute of Westminster British and Canadian parliaments are now equal o1947Canadian citizenship act Before British empire subjects o1947Supreme Court becomes last court of appeal for our country Before British house of Lords o1964Flag act Before union jack o1982 Canada Act ends British legislative jurisdiction Jan 15Thanadelthur First Nations in Canada Lecture outline Thanadelthur Precontact Contact The fur trade Colonial consequences Thanadelthur 16971717 She was one of a very high spirit and of the firmest resolution that ever I see anybody in my days and of great courage and forecastGovernor James Knight ThanadelthurEuropean opportunity to establish trade with the ChippewaCree enemies of the Chippewa made contact before them o1715 Knight persuades Cree to enter peace negotiations with the Chippewa oThanadelthur mediates peace between Cree and Chippewa oKnight allowed Thanadelthur and other Chippewa that came with her to stay in their fort for the winter Goal was to make a new trade post in Churchill oThanadelthur becomes extremely sick and dies probably from disease oEven while dying she gave the Europeans instructions on how to mediate peace Precontact Original inhabitants of north America are believed to have gotten here from Asia approximately 40000 years ago Believe that theyve always been in North America since time immemorialoAbout 052 million aboriginals living in Canada at the time of contact Indigenous people adapted their cultures dramatically to the environment in order to survive Showcase an extreme symbiotic relationship between the communities and the land Natives are incredibly diverse each nation is differenttheyre the original founders of the multinational state Eg native Canadians spoke over 60 different languages precontact oContact The connection between indigenous and Europeans for the first time Earliest explorations of Canada were done by Cabot in Newfoundland 1497 oCartier in the St Lawrence 1534 oFrobisher in the Northwest Passage 1570s oHudson in Hudsons bay 1610 oChamplain in the St Lawrence and further inland 1600s oThe Europeans didnt encounter any evidence of wealthy civilizations They are finding natural resources that can be exploited oMeans that colonization will happen differently than in Mexico and South Americacant wipe them out and take all their wealth need to use them to learn about the resources Cooperation by necessity The Fur Trade The major economic force in the development of Canada thThe beginnings in the 16 century originally fisheries were where the most money was othTakes off in the 17 century demand for beaver pelts and products particularly hats oCanada is created as a result of a european fashion trend Almost makes the beaver extinct Harold Innis 18941952 the Staples Thesis The key to understanding where Canada comes from is to recognize that we are the product of economic oexploitation of a number of staples First with cod then beavers then timber then wheat etc 1670British establish first trade post the Hudsons bay company British were lazy bastards and stayed on the coasts of Hudsons bay waiting for people to come trade oFrench originally held a monopoly in the fur trade Controlled waterways canoes and had good relations with the first nations oMore active in acquiring productsresources than British When the French are pushed out of north America the scots come in and establish the Northwest Company and ocompete with the British company Eventually merge with the Hudsons Bay Company end up controlling the fur trade Fur trade drives contact and development of communication and the nation Speaks to the connection of marriage incorporation of the west into the nation oMetanarratives Frederick Jackson Turner US and Harold Innis Canada Turner has the frontier thesis the American story is that of movement from the east coast to the west in which the ospace in between the frontier is lawless and savage which acquires Americans to adapt and form their political culture Colonial Consequences Indian Act 1876 Defined Indian status and rights o
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