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Gary Foster

Constancy and Flux How is it that things seem to be constant but also always changing At the beginning of philosophy socratic period we see a reliance on reason the emerging of science And at this time two types of philosophists emerge Materialists and Idealists Materialists believe that everything exists of matter and composed of the four elements Fire wind earth water It is based off of experience experientialIdealists were mostly based around reasonTheseus ship After one day at sea he replaces one small part of the ship and every day he does this for his whole journey By the time he gets to his destination all parts have been changedIs it the same ship And if so when does it change from his ship to anotherYes Some changes an object undergo are so small or insignificant that they dont prevent it from being the same object after it changes Make the daily changes that small or insignificant Since its such a small change Ship Day 1 Ship day 2 Ship day 2 Ship day 3 etcTherefore identity is transitive if day 1day 2 and day 2day 3 then day 1 day 3 or day 1 day 862 No Nothing can change without becoming different that it was But different and same are opposites Therefore nothing can change and still be the sameWhen an object changes it becomes different in some way and therefore it isnt the same objectBu
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