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Ted Richards

Descartes Descartes was enrolled in a Jesuit school he understood what was going on in about 1612-1615 someone came into the school where he was studying -saw Galileo's findings and went what the hell, became a member of the dukes army. we have to throw away Aristotle's idea, he set out to prove that we can't be this wrong again. we need Sound and Lasting foundations for the future. -how many people wasted their time for 2000 years. not only does it have to be right but there is no way it can possibly be wrong. like building a house. Knowledge needs to be built from scratch -Descartes' Meditations. read it straight up really easy to understand. -cant throw out everything we know the way e clears the ground is by using the method doubt. if it can be doubted i am going to reject it. -with scholasticism the only way u can reject by proving them wrong -so worried that he needs to get everything that is wrong out but may throw a good solid idea away. -apples one has worm through whole basket out to pick out the good ones eventually. -can throw out whole tracks of knowledge without looking at if the sources are wrong. -once everything is gone he can build something humans can know for certainty. he lays it out in meditation one his book, starts out with the senses. All info u get from the senses throw it out! -different from some things but not everything. you are confident that you are here, some people are insane thinking that you are sitting here listening to the lecture. but not a good reason. senses argument good -insane bad argument. -he is holding reason as the primary thing he relies on. relies on reason being reliable. -might be dreaming -sometimes you can't tell when you are dreaming and awake -might dream a lot of cool things but they are pieces that are different than in reality. -you can doubt compositions you cannot doubt Simples -painter has to use colour lines and shapes. how it is put together, the study of time, shape, number, lines, colour cannot be doubted. we can doubt physics, medicine, sociology. -evil genius argument. it is possible that there is an all powerful daemon whose sole purpose is to deceive you in everything. could you tell what sensation could you have right cannot. he isn't arguing is that there is no way for us to tell the difference -what does Descartes have left? by the end of day one Descartes has nothing. -there are six meditations Descartes Continued October 17, 2013 - Primary sources are fair game. Aristotle's cosmos are right or they are wrong -Descartes attempt to try to resolve the paradox and make sure that nothing like this will ever happen he is looking for certainty. human knowledge never being thrown out again. -he has an epistemological approach. DEP, Descartes epistemological program.. -If the foundations are rotten than the whole building can be toppled easily. -drastic change and reject everything that can be doubted called the method of doubt. if in doubt throw it out! -looks at sources of knowledge and therefore can throw out entire groups of knowledge. 1.Senses argument. deception. all knowledge gained by the senses thrown away. -insanity argument cannot tell, irrelevant irrational non start. 2. DreamArgument, dream it may all be a dream. During the dream u cannot tell what is dream and what is not. 3.Evil genius(Demon)(brain in a vat connected to a computer that give u experiences and ideas) argument- it is possible that an evil genius exists and shows you false images. -Not calling him to question our proce
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