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Lecture 3

PP213 Week 3

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Matthew Smith

PP213Friday September 27th 2013 L3Aquinas Theory of Natural LawLegal standard the way one ought to behaveLegal NormNothing else than an ordinance of reasonfor the common goodpromulgatedby him who has the core of the community 4 Criteria1 rule can only be law if its moral2 serves for the common good3 made by one who has authority over community rightly appointed not a tyrant4must be published so people know it Theologicalreligious the whole community of the universe is governed by Devine Reason Eternal LawWherefore the very idea of the universe has the nature of law And since the Devine Reasons conception of things is not subject to time but is eternal therefore it is this kind of law that must be called eternal ts 34 of Aquinas criteria for a legal norm but not promulgated made knowncannot be promulgated to nonpeople speciesobjects eg plants rocks etcAquinas Response Animal instincts guide them to behave in accordance with eternal law and none living things are subject to other natural laws such as the laws of physicschemistryetcPromulgation to all humans occurs when were made aware
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