PO102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: International Maritime Organization, Recycling Codes, Currency Crisis

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3 Jul 2017

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Governing at the Global Level
We do’t hae a orld goeret so there is o oe to…
- Draft and enforce the laws
- Deter and prevent parties from breaking the rules
- Establish and maintain order
At the global level, who is/can put the treat of coercion?
- Does not mean chaos in international relations literature
- It means lack of control authority to ensure compliance with norms of conduct
- Valued by citizens
- In nature it is established through hierarchy
How do we keep order to prevent wars, environmental pollution, currency crisis on world level?
World Politics is Characterized by:
- No entitlement to command
- No obligation to obey
There are still ways we maintain international order such as:
- International agreements
- Treaties (Arms Treaty)
- Conventions
- International Law
- International Organization (UN, NATO, IMF)
An example of international cooperation is air traffic control
- At the global level there is a web of regulations that allows us to interaction
- Most of these fies use states
Other International Actors include:
- G7 (G20 and world Economic Forum)
- Red Cross of International Chamber of Commerce
- Mercenary groups
- Non-profit (WWF, Greenpeace)
- Religion (Islamic Conference, Vatican City)
- Financial markets. Global accountancy firms
- Multinational corporations
Non-Governmental Organizations
- NGOs like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Save the Children are private actors who
are often linked to humanitarian efforts
- Very first was against slavery
- Became much more prominent in 90s because of the perception they can get things
doe eause the are’t estalished  atioal iterest of lak of politial ill, they
have expertise in their area
International Government Organizations
- Biggest example of IGO is United Nations
- The’e also ireased greatl eause e are ore depede o eah other
- We are a trade nation because our population is small (less people to make or sell to
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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