PO102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Good Governance, Political Freedom

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3 Jul 2017

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- The capacity of governments to make and implement policyin other words, to steer
- The making and implementing of decisions often with the involvement of state and non-
state organizations
- The process of decision making
- Implementation of decisions
- Capacit to ake ad ipleet polic… i a societ, a copa, or a orgaizatio
- Governance is about Performance
Whe assessig goerace, e ca ask…
- Can the government identify and handle pressing problems?
- How good is it at implementing solutions?
Characteristics of Good Governance
- Participatory
- Consensus oriented
- Accountable
- Transparent
- Responsive
- Effective and efficient
- Equitable and inclusive
- Follows rule of law
Process is Key
- Not just about the goal its how you get there
- Who was invited to the table to make the decision?
- Government is only one player
o Corporatios, NGOs, acadeics, citizes, eperts… depeds o the issue
Related to ho is: trasparec
- People who are making decisions got to their position from a transparent process
o Ex. Someone got the job because they were best fit, not because they are
related to someone
- If you have a problem, you should know exactly who to talk to
- Governments are not usually transparent
What do citizens expect their governments to deliver?
- Economic performance
o Growth, jobs, etc.
- Security and Political stability
- Public service
- Political freedom
- Social mobility
o Direct correlation between social mobility and income inequality
o Higher social mobility= higher social mobility
o Direct effect on the ability of people to move up the ladder
- Best Governed: Sweden
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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