PO102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Heredity

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3 Jul 2017

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- Democracies often fall short because of power
- Rathe tha poe oe thee is also poe to
Power Resources
- Wealth
- Official Position
- Control over information and expertise
- The ability to mobilize supporters
- Control over the means of force
- The ability to vote
How is Power Distributed in Society?
- Concentrated
- Widely dispersed
- Depends on society
- Some argue industrial states are highly concentrated
o Political institutions represent powerful
- Others argue the opposite and that all of the associations are for public interest
Who gets to exercise Power?
- Answer: People who have authority
- Involves the granting of rights and responsibilities to particular individuals and groups
so they can make the community function
- Socially approved power
- Authority is the right to exercise power that is accepted by the governed (the people as
- So, legitimacy is key to governing
- Rule of law is all about legitimate authority that we grant people
- A person receives power and legitimacy because of the institution she/he represents
- Ex. Police, judge, member of parliament, civil servants
Three Types of Authority
- Traditional
o Poe passed fo geeatios e. Fathe as kig so o ou’e kig
o Prevalent in pre industrial societies
o Power is vested in a particular person due to heredity or custom
o Authority is personal and incontestable
- Charismatic
o Vested in individuals rather than institutions
o Gouded i peso’s ualities
o Authority is boosted by crises or unrest (Weber)
o Less prevalent today
- Rational-Legal Authority
o Impersonal form of authority, not vested in the person or individual
Purely derived by position in an institution, which can be taken away
o Based on rule of law; or through a fair process
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