PO102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Non-Interventionism, Humanitarian Intervention, Cultural Globalization

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3 Jul 2017

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The State, Nation, Nationalism and Globalization
The State
- Independent, self-governing political community
- … Whose goerig istitutios hae the aility to ake rules
- and those rules are binding on the population that resides in a given territory
- institution that claims the legitimate use of force in enforcing its order within a given
Historical Markers: The emergence of the State
- 30-year war in Europe
- Emergence of the state began in Europe then spreads
- War between Catholic and Protestant, the end had many treaties, one says that another
country wont try to change the religion of another territory
Peace of Westphalia (1789)
- Non-intervention in internal matters
French Revolution (1789)
- Sovereignty rests with people rather than the monarch
- Impersonal authority begins
Capitalism and Industrial Revolution
- The state becomes more active
- Begiig of the oder state eause for arkets to futio they eed help (i.e.
roads, canals, railways, telephones, able and social like public educationself and social
Movie to watch: Mississippi Burning
- The government and institutions (parliament etc.), that make decisions and oversee the
implementation on behalf of the state
- The people in charge of the state at the moment
- The state is a continuing (somewhat) permanent entity while the government is
o Government is transient, they come and go
o Some systems of government may be reformed and remodelled
The Government and State
- Law and order
- Security
- Support economic activity
- Physical infrastructure
- Social services
- Health
- Education
- Environment
- Especially important in global politics
- 2 dimensions:
o The state is the highest authority inside the territory and vis-à-vis its own
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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