PO110 Lecture Notes - Aristocracy

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Published on 16 Nov 2012
PO110 Sept 13, 2012
The Evolution of Political Science
-politics and human society are deeply linked through history
-Greek Philosophers thought systematically about politics, tested the theory, etc
-wrote “Politics”
--you are politics, an extension of
--searched for the ideal form ie. Political ideal formhow to govern and self govern perfectly
-how to find the good life
--decipher your own actions
--fulfill potential
--all aspects of life intersect with politics
--he lived surrounded by war and instability
-Athens was attacked
--war doesn’t lead to human fulfillment
--collected possible political constitutions of surrounding areas (158)
-to determine the best, divided them into categories and defined from there
-possibly democracy- everyone is included and fairly/ justly represented but he saw that as highly
- first believed in an enlightened monarch but found they always lose the sense of common purpose,
becoming tyrants
-Aristocracy- few people governing everyone for everyone slides into an oligarchy- ruling for
-polity seems to navigate change because even when some people become tyrants enough other s are
there to counteract the shift (this was best)
-he wanted politics to be more scientific
-people can test, check your findings to confirm or alter the findings
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