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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Christopher Anderson

Po110 October 4 , 2012 Week 4- Ideology -left- social democracy - right- fascism or conservative - middle- modern democracy French Revolution- the people sat left/ right based on beliefs in the senate Cycle - Political order- stability- based upon everyone understanding their position in the world/ society o Allows the society to achieve what it needs to achieve o Noblesse oblige- nobility is obliged to look after the poor so they can fill their social role (political order) o Peasants –need to serve, farm and make sure you recognize the order, don’t question authority - When reason is applied is this appropriate? If you don’t agree you would create an entirely new system and run your country this way Nature- Locke; people can do as they please, everyone is born equally and free and our politics should reflect this Hobbs- state of nature is bloodshed and war -need to choose blood/ death or give up your personal power to a government even if this means a monarch A priori – born knowledge (before anything) Mills- liberty is natural to humans (born free) -born free means all are born equal (person= person) Democracy = means to an end -liberty + equality (freedom) (ECC) * debatable terms -which definition of liberty should we fight for? -how do we give everyone freedom? Not through monarchy/ top down system -democracy is a bottom up system (giving people a voice) Depending on country/ beliefs liberty means different things to everyone - Ex. Freedom of speech, of action, from oppression, religion, equality, ability to select a leader (voting) Negative liberty- freedom from (absence of restrictions) Positive liberty- liberty to (empowerment despite constraints to do something) – achieve your potential WWII- all political ideologies (fascism, democracy) believe they can give people liberty/ freedom Problems with negative liberties --*free speech until one point (are these restrictions?) where is the limit drawn? Can’t overstep someone else’s freedom (sheep vs wolf one group prospers) Positive liberties- where do we draw the line? If it continues forever what will happen? Cause conflict some others negative liberty may cause restriction in my positive
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