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Political Science
Steve Risavy

Option 1 For the Ontario Provincial elections of 2011, I decided to help volunteer with the New Democratic Party or also referred as NDP. The candidate in my area was Wendy Byrne and this was in Ottawa West Nepean.Although I only volunteered for the limited number of hours it showed me that in order for a campaign to be successful, it must have good time management and the right people supporting the campaign with a hard-working attitude as well. The main focus that the campaign had me do was go around from door to door and drop pamphlets in their mailbox or if possible communicate with the voters in the area to try to give them a better understanding of what exactly Wendy Byrne and the NDP's were going to accomplish or goals that they were going to try and attain. This was a first for me due to I have never been put into a situation like the one that was handed to me, I am good with talking to people and would consider myself a people's person but in this certain situation it is a whole different mentality when talking to a possible voter. Some helpful advice that I was given was not to ever pressure a person or make them feel on the spot so having to try and keep them in a comfortable state while still managing to relay my message to them was a difficult task at times. I felt though as I went from house to house and when I ran into people I was able to handle
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