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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Yasmine Shamsie

Lecture 4 – Good Governance  Democracy – a set of ideals about how government should work and what the role of the citizen is in the political system o A set of procedures and institutions that guide the operation of government and the participation of citizens  Democracy gives us a process criteria for how, as a society, we decide things: o Who should be involved in decision making o How we make decisions o What values decision-making should serve more generally  USA is gridlocked due to differing ideals of policy makers  What about other ways of judging a country’s performance? o Governance (no country has perfect score) – capacity of government to make and implement policy…in other words to steer society  Governance is also about performance…can the government identify and handle pressing problems? o How good is it at implementing solutions?  Performance: o What does government deliver? o How does it identify **  Amnesty International criteria: o Citizen Engagement – absolutely essential because people need to tell government what’s wrong and how it can be fixed, need to be informed o Rule of Law – important because we need a stable system, builds trust between citizens and government (accountability, stability) o Transparency - want to be able to see how decisions were made and who was involved o Procurement – important because governments are big spenders, we need information about where tax dollars are being spent  Process is key!!  Who is invited to the table to solve the
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