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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Yasmine Shamsie

Lecture 5 – Governing at the Global level We don’t have a world government. Who or what:  Enforces the laws?  Deters and prevents countries from breaking the rules?  Establishes and maintains order?  How do we maintain order in a system where there is no top governance system In International relations literature: Anarchy  Does NOT mean chaos in this sense  Means a lack of central authority to ensure compliance with norms of conduct  In nature, order is established through hierarchy  How do we deal with:  Wars (Kuwait)  Environmental Pollution (Beijing)  Currency Crises  World Politics is characterized by: o No entitlement to command o No obligation to obey  It’s in our interest to develop ways to cooperate o International Agreements o Treaties o Conventions (Ex. UN on the law of the sea) o International Law o International Organizations (Ex. United nations, world bank)  Other International Actors: o G7 and World Economic Forum o Red Cross or International Chamber of Commerce o Mercenary groups (private sector – involved in the resolution of conflicts) o Non – profit: World Wildlife Fun o Religion: Islamic conference o Financial Markets, global accountancy firms o Multi-national corporations o Even though we don’t have a global government, we have all these factors in play  Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) o
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