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Lecture 7

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Political Science
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Yasmine Shamsie

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Lecture 7 – The US Government Shutdown Concepts to think about  Democracy is how we resolve disputes over resources and values  Good governance is about performance  What about the public good?  **Good exam essay question**  In the US, healthcare is provided as a benefit of your job (if you have a job at higher end of economic ladder)  15% of Americans lose out on healthcare because of low paying jobs  Rationality is an assumption of politics that just doesn’t work in this context (it should be the norm…but isn’t)  In any political system, you have different branches who do different things  Canadian system: o Judiciary, Executive and Legislative o The Prime Minister is part of the legislature o In our system, this wouldn’t happen because the government would typically be voted out of power before a shutdown o Members of parliament are beholden to party leaders  American system: o Constitution structured by concerns they had in 1787 o Checks and balances and imbalances of power** o Made the assumption there would be no political parties (figured it was unhealthy for the system) o US people are reverent of the constitution (as if from deity) o The Senate is there for a fixed term of office (6 years) and house is there for fixed term of office (2 years) o We do not see party discipline, members not beholden to leaders (whatever it takes to be elected) o Extremely difficult for any legislation to pass (at least 7 stages for it to pass where it can be bloc
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