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Lecture 9

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Political Science
Yasmine Shamsie

Lecture 9 - Global Governance: Governing the Internet?  The Internet o Who governs the internet? o What needs regulation? o Governance spaces: where do stakeholders meet? o Is governance working? Challenges?  Assessing Internet Governance o Who is invited to the table? o Is there transparency?  Can one person get information easily or does it take a force of people? o Are problems being addresses in a timely way?  Are problems being resolved or are they taking forever o Performance: is the Internet working for everyone?  Who should govern the Internet? o The UN?  China = internet censorship  Nationally, governments govern their own states  Globally, the internet is governed by a multi-stakeholder system o ICANN o IGF  ICANN allots domain names: o Ex. .shop, .book, .love, .home, .inc, .blog o Amazon and Google have made dozens of applications to control hundreds of domains  The most applied-for domain is .app o 13 organisations have staked a claim to own that domain name  Only one entity can own a top level domain-name  These applications can have multi-million dollar consequences for a company  ICANN: Governance Process o Cost: $185,000 to register a domain name o Process: 250 page application, entire process costs about half a million dollars o Result: 17 applications from Africa, North America has 911 applications o 76 applications from Amazon (via Netherlands not NA) o 100 applications from Google  ICANN has a charity status  Arms-length from the US government  Consults regularly with private companies about operations  NO transparency o Unclear how you join ICANN o Unclear how decisions are made  ICANN decides who gets the domain name o Are ICANN members elected or appointed, if so, by whom? o What is the process? What are the criteria for deciding who gets the name?  A key point…once granted that domain name, those granted have complete power over whether a company or individual can apply
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