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Christopher Anderson

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W4L1 PO110 Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012  We expect democracy to be the utopia of government  Larry Diamond's Components of democracy  democracy doesn't fulfil our expectations : democracy deficit  up until 2007, if you were convicted of a crime you were not allowed to vote in 11 different states  Is democracy a universal idea?  is there life after democracy?  is democracy the end game?  countries that don't claim to be democratic: Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Burma, Vatican city  today 58.2% of the world lives in a democracy (UN)  Think about the trajectories, but the historical pattern is: more of the world is becoming democratic  religion and economy doesn't matter today about whether a country is democratic or not (8 of the 27 Muslim countries are democratic)  there is a popular support of democracy (over 80%)  you can also look at the world in regional terms (influences of culture, social, etc)  "I would argue that universal consent is not required for something to be a universal value. Rather, the claim of a universal value is that people anywhere may have reason to see it as valuable" (Amartya Sen : Nobel peace prize winner, economist)  democracy could also be a vehicle to get to the ideal  ideology determines that democracy is complex  What is an ideology? Could be a preconceived notion on a particular topic. Something systematic about i
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