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Week 9

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Political Science
Asha Rampersad

Week9Chapter9thNovember72011The Ontario Court SystemThe Canadian Judicial SystemConstitutional Framework of the CourtsCanada is a federal state with two levels of government no single level of government has sole responsibilities for the courts and both levels of government may be involved at the same time in the same operation of a particular court or courtsPower to create and Administer CourtsSection 92 of the Constitution gives provinces the responsibility for the administration of both criminal and civil courts They establish structure and operate and administer the courts they pass statutes and create regulations that deal with everythingThe Constitution gives the federal government some responsibility for the administration of some courts Under Section 101 the federal government operates the Supreme Court of Canada Federal Court the Tax Court etcPower to Create Procedural LawThe Constitution gives the provincial government the power to create procedure for all civil courts in the province The criminal courts are the responsibility of the federal government since criminal law is federal responsibilityPower to Appoint JudgesSection 96 gives the federal government the power to appoint judges in the superior courts of each province The provincial government has the power appoint judges of the lower courts in the provinceFederally appointedprovincially appointed judgesThe Organization of CourtsEach province has a statute and a number of regulations that prescribe how the courts in that province will be established how they will operate and how they will be administered
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