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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Barry Kay

PO 225- Lecture 5 Chapter 2 in the text- Constitution  Notion of loosing British identity little by little and doesn’t happen over night  The worlds oldest written constitution- in the fact that it is all in one location altogether  Canadian- hybrid of Britain and American Constitution  Canadian Constitution- rules of which the organization should follow  First Colony: Virgina- doesn’t work  First thstained: MA  July 4 1776- was a very gradual process  Actually decided dependence on July 2 nd  Thomas Jefferson most famous person there  Establishment of the British navy  French and Indian War  Most taking up arms first fight for the British not the Americans  Intolerable Acts  Boston Tea Party- 1773  British Military grows in numbers  Sugar Act, Stamp Act  Quartering Act- not enough room in the barracks, British soldiers can be taken into a persons house and you cant do anything about  13 different colonies at this point, which are all different with different attitudes  1774- Continental congress- all the colonies coming together  1776- Continental Congress- which later leads to the Constitution
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