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Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Barry Kay

PO 225- Lecture 6  Physical year starts October 1st  Virginia Proposal- first one to hit the floor, Madison  Virginia agrees to not let immigrants into the country, for 20 years no import, it raised the values of slaves  Big states vs. Small states  The legislature wouldn’t pick the executive  William Patterson- New Jersey Plan- based on a loose confederation and small states endorse this instead of the Virginia Plan, increases central authority, all states would have equal authority  The Great Compromise- framework that gets adopted and come from other plans, federal system created, federalism is created, 1777  Basis Principles: (1) Constitution, treaties and national legislation will take precedent over state business/decisions (Article 6), (2) States will structure politics and voting laws, (3) all states old and new will have equal status within the union, (4) no state should have the right to withdraw from the union, (5) state must respect the right and laws of the other citizens, (6) the national government guarantees form and military protection (Article 1, Section 8- refers to the powers that congress has)  Three branches- executive, legislature, judiciary  Legislature- House of Representatives, Senate  They were worried about George’s Power  Branch: Legislative Congress: House- chosen by the people, for term of 2 years, to represent primarily: common people and large st
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