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Political Science
Kim Rygiel

th Week 10: November 13 Globalization, Global Security Governance and the Privatization of Authority From International relations to global governance: -global governance does not mean a convergence around a single order but global governance is the “sum of a myriad, literally millions, of control mechanisms driven by different histories etc; too hard to track structure because world is too disaggregated” (Rosenau 183) -“the process of governance is the process whereby an organization or society steers itself and the dynamics of communication and control are central to the process” (182) -governance can occur in the absence of legal and political authority simply through systems of rules, norms etc become patterns of regularity. -more permanent over time, pervasive in our daily lives, more bureaucratic -this happening at the same time as shrinking of state, neoliberal trends Global Governance as ‘polycentric’  Multiple sites of governance: end of state or reconstructed state?  Global constituencies (eg global mobile capital)  Altered patterns of warfare (cyber warfare, drones, PMCs)  Regimes: “sets of implicit or explicit principles, norms ,rules, and decision making procedures around which actors’ expectations converge in a given area of international relations” (Stephen Krasner)  Transtate affairs (transgovernmentalism exchanges between government heads, diplomats, covil servants, eg OCED in Paris 40,000 country officals attend annual eeting. G8)  Substate govnernance- provinces may bypass central state to develop links directly with suprastate agencies eg UN-HABITAT- urban governance- work directly with municipal governance  Regional eg NAFTA , EU  Transworld governance e.g human rights  Privitized governance eg corporate social responsibility  Civil society Privatized Governance and privatization of authority What do we mean by privatized governance? Privatized authority?  Private: as opposed to public (realm outside of the state, government, public sector), sometimes law (civil society, market and illicit forms) o Neolib
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