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Lecture 7

PP247 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Deontological Ethics, Economic Justice, Negative And Positive Rights

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Craig Beam

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Week 3 Lecture – Jan 20th
Virtue Ethics
Arête = virtue or excellence
Classic exponent is Aristotle
Classical virtues of courage, moderation, justice and wisdom
Virtues are:
oQualities of character or personality
oThat are useful, admirable or excellent
oBoth for the person who has them and for others
Focus on internal ideals of character, rather than external rules
oBeing vs. doing
Leaves open the useful/admirable issue
Virtues must be individually and social bene'cial
Kantian Deontology
An ethics of duty, morality envisioned as a system of imperatives and
o“thou shalt not”
1. Pluralism – Many Virtues
What is a virtue in one type of society or occupation is not always a
virtue in another
Ross is a pluralist
2. Functionalism
Occupations have their characteristic goals
3. Doctrine of the Mean
The midpoint between excess and de'ciency
Consider generosity as a mean
Not everything admits of a mean
4. Micro vs. Macro-Business Ethics
Micro ethics – personal or role morality
Macro ethics – politics, law and justice
5. Holism
Solomon is critical of dichotomies between self and others, desire and
duty, pro't and social responsibility
6. Community
Man is by nature a political animal”
For a decent job, choose the right company
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