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PS102 Lecture Notes - Relaxer, Aversion Therapy, Everytime

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Don Morgenson

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Learning March 12, 2013
- Abstract concept
- The real measure is the response
- Predict your response than you can argue you have good habit strength
- Explains to us why a response occurs
Pavlov’s Measurements:
Respondent habit Strength
- Used a magnitude measure counting the number of drops of saliva with a ring of a bell
- Time between the CS and CR
- Those with the greater strength respond more quickly
- With greater habit strength the latency will be much shorter (time between the CS and CR)
Resistance to Extinction
- Presented alone without the UCS
- Measures how strong the habit is
-Three measures typically used in a Pavlov experiment
Skinner Operant conditioning of habit strength
Rate of Response
- How many times does the rat press the bar
- Rate of responding
Resistance to Extinction
- If people persist in the response to try to get the reward
- Habit strength is not sufficient
- Habit strength even though the measures are interesting and powerful but how its argued is
- Every hour you study, you build up inhibition towards not studying
- Your brain has taken a time out you need a break
- E.g. when you are reading and after you finish you realize you don’t know what you just read
- As inhibition builds up, you stop because you aren’t learning anything
- Personality has an effect on inhibition
- Allow the inhibition to dissipate and then go back and finish your work
- You can offset inhibition by increasing your drive state
- Drive + habit strength
o Complicated
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