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Lecture 9

PS102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Oneword, Language Development, Language Acquisition Device

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Joanne Lee

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PS 102 - Lecture notes
Morphemes continued:
- Morphemes form words
- Some are single syllable words (hat, bat)
- Some are single letters (s, ed, ing)
- How many morphemes does the word “strangers” have?
- Strange-(root word)-r-(person)-s-(people)
Structure of language: syntax
- Rules for combining words together into meaningful phrases
- How you phrase, gives the meaning
- Ambiguity
- They are hunting dogs
- Can be
- They are… hunting… dogs
- They are... hunting dogs
Language development:
- Infant/child has to select out the sounds relevant to language from other vocal sounds in
the speech stream
Language milestones:
- 3-6 months: early babbling
- 6-9 months: later babbling
- 9-15 months: onset of first words
- 12-20 months: one word at a time
- 18-24 months: vocabulary spurt
- 24-36 months: multi-word sentences
Babies comprehension of words:
* read in textbook*
One-word stage:
- Holophrastic - one word many meanings
- Errors
- Overextension - word is used too liberally-specific word apply to things it
- Daddy = man
- Underextensions - general word but child restrict to specific cases
- Drink = juice only
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