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Kathy Foxall

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Intelligence and Psychological Testing- Week 5 • Key Concepts in Psychological Testing o Standardization • Test Norms • Standardization group o Reliability-Consistency of the test • Correlation Coefficient o Validity- Ability of test to measure what it is meant to measure • Content Validity- asks question representative of the material • Criterion-related validity • Construct validity • Principle Types of Psychological Tests o Mental ability tests • Intelligence-general • Aptitude-specific o Personality scales • Measure motives, interests, values, and attitudes • (CHARTS ON CHARTS -look at ppt notes) (4-8) • The Evolution of Intelligence Testing o Sir Francis Galton (1869) • Hereditary Genius • Distinguish children in schools - which performed poorly due to environment and which performed poorly due to lack of intelligence o Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon (1905) • Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale • Mental Age o Lewis Terman (1916) • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) = MA/CA x 100 o David Wechsler (1955) • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale • *Chart..(11-13) • Reliability and Validity of IQ Tests o Exceptionally reliable- correlations into the .90's o Qualified validity- valid indicators of academic/verbal intelligence, not intelligence in a truly general sense • Correlations: • .40's-.50's • 60s-.80s with number of years in school • Predictive of occupational attainment, debate about predictiveness of performance • Extremes of Intelligence: Intellectual Disability or Developmental Delay o Diagnosis based on IQ and adaptive testing • IQ 2 or more SD below mean • Adaptive skill deficits o 4 Levels: mild, moderate, severe, profound • Mild most common by far o
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