PS102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Kanzi, Second-Language Acquisition

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Published on 2 Feb 2016
Lecture 9 – Language continued
Feb. 2nd, 2016
About Phonemic Chart
International chart – complex, at least 107 single letter sounds
plus extensions
Animals and Language
Communication versus language
oCommunication is more basic, it can use sounds or
symbols, doesn’t require structure, is not language
oLanguage has the 5 principles
oBonobo chimpanzee
o500 words-lexigrams
oASL – 250 signs
oTaught her own baby to sign
o1000 signs
oUses an ipad
oKeeps pets
oDoes internet chat sessions
oFirst internet dater
Animals have vocabulary – they can acquire quite a number of
oArbitrary symbols- lexigrams, ASL
Propositional thought – represents objects and events through
oEx: putting knife between apple and apple slices,
understanding that one thing precedes another
Syntax – is still being debated
Second language learning: Bilingualism
Bilingualism: important in a Canadian context
oLiterature is mixed in terms of cognitive gains/losses
oEarly acquisition is better
You are more likely to be immersed in the language
at a young age, while later you don’t have time for
immersion when learning
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