PS268 Lecture Notes - Spiral Model, The Triple Threat, Community Theatre

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5 Jan 2012

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Bonus question: what would you add/subtract from course and why plus a few more bonus questions 4 marks an easy way for an extra mark. Prevention on university / college campuses tertiary prevention and treatment. Tertiary prevention and treatment: strategies for preventing relapse to drug use (rehabilitation, prison, etc) and treatment, how do you help people with the problem, how do you treat them. All drugs pooled if pool all drug abuse together if they can hold of the drug use before the age of 17, they have no higher risk of developing a drug abuse behaviour. Keeping them away from drugs at the earliest level is key. Does decrease in supply = decrease in demand. Or does decrease in supply = increase in demand. There is always someone willing to supply the drug, so changing the supply does not work. More important is to change the demand. Punitive measures: mandatory sentences, threatening jail time / punishment.