PS271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Extraversion And Introversion, Normal Distribution, Psychoticism

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January 10th - 12th , 2017
Pseudo = fake
E.g. horoscope
Personality psychology has been criticised as a fake science pseduosciece
(using the Barnum effect to teach psychological research methods)
Graphology = pseudoscience
It is possible to hold a belief upfront it is possible to change the belief w manipulation that hits us personally
3 goals:
o challenge your own common sense your own ideas
o become wary of pseudoscience (i.e. astrology) what scientific we have for the conclusions that are drawn
o think critically of daily information we receive
3 Conditions from last weeks article :
o honest
o fake good
o fake an ideal pilot candidate
When we do personality testing think about the conditions in which ppl are taking the test
o Think about giving an impression management, lie test, social desirability
With these measures, can have a sense of how low or how high someone scores in impression mgt
Research participants who are asked to fake pilot
When people are faking higher on conscientiousness look at graph w experts min/max;fake pilot
Limitation of Catells 6 is that the traits were not statistically independent
A lot of subjective grey area of whether or not we have grey areas
Eysneck 3 dimensions
o Started as a 2 dimensional model super Factors
o Factor / dimension : higher order level of organization
Traits: exist underneath this
o Added third dimension : psychoticism organizes extreme personality traits considered to be abnormal
find more resources at
find more resources at
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