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Lecture 3

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Carolyn Ensley

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PS287 Lecture 3 09/17/2014
Calvin pepper
70 M/C questions. No short answer. First 3 chapters.
Definitions related to gender
What a correlation is / high internal and external validity
History of sex differences in intelligence – discrimination
Beginning of the 20th century, phrenology
Measuring white males compared to everyone else, to establish the fact if white males are more intelligent
than everyone else.
Women not being able to vote because they are not smart like white males
Masculinity and feminininty in the 50’s, thought that gender was the longest continuum, linear scale,
everybody fit somewhere along that scale, either had feminine traits or masculine traits.
Tests were meant to see if you were well adjusted to your role
Built in sexism
List of masculine traits, list of feminine, the test was not good
New issue: identify situations where people are experiencing strain. Helpful role. Being homophobic, not
wanting to seek help is gender role strain. Feminine: feeling unattractive, feeling uncomfortable being
Chapter 3 – sexism/ gender-role stereotyping/ discrimination
Sexism is an emotional thing, you feel it. Stereotype is something you think and discrimination is something
you do.
Sexism  emotional component, feeling or belief that someone should be a certain way because of their
gender role. Ex/ don’t like doctor because their a woman. Emotional response because of a persons sex or
gender role. Not liking something.
Modern sexism , no discrimination, don’t know what she’s complaining about, “she’s always taking
maternity leaves, getting moved up” . so you’re denying that there is sexism.
Hostile sexism – actual negative/hostile feelings towards women, women who challenge roles, political
roles, women who don’t have children and are not emotional, women that are taking on the role of men.
Feminists think that it’s patriarchy, why sexism is kept alive. Patriarchy is men make the decisions.
Benevolent sexism  positive feelings towards women but still sexist. Cherishing women, women are
vulnerable and need protection. Need me around to keep them going. Men have something that women
don’t have and it’s the man’s job to protect them. Man needs a woman to love.
Men score higher on benevolence sexism towards men
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