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Lecture 5

PS287 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Karen Horney, Psychoanalysis, Penis Envy


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Nicky Newton

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Week #4: Sex-Related Comparisons – Theory Monday, September 28th, 2015
What to Expect This Week
Biological, Psychological, and Social theorecal approaches
Nature x Nurture as theme
oDiculty in parsing
Sex-related dierences are oen small to none; when present, oen meaningful
Ac&vity: Discussion of Baby X
Per&nent videos
Midterm Informa&on
Chapters 1-5
Look at the takeaway points
Majority overlap
76 Mulple-Choice Quesons
Biology: Genes
Evidence from twin and adopon studies for dierences in social behaviours
Ansocial behaviour: genecs accounted for 40%
Aggression: chromosomal abnormalies, e.g., XYY (extra Y); higher proposion of
men with XYY incarcerated
oProblem: Vast majority of prisoners don’t have it; vast majority of those
with it not prisoners
oIdencal twins oen treated the same; similaries encouraged
oBoys with extra Y more irritable: parents aware of link and response
child’s behavior
Could be how they are treated
If parents are aware of extra Y chromosome, they might
unconsciously treat them dierently as compared to if they
didn’t know
Careful making inferences
Biology: Hormones
Estrogens: female sex hormones
Androgens: male sex hormones
Women and men have both to varying degrees
Studies of females with prenatal androgen exposure
oCongenital Androgen Hyperplasia (CAH)
oIntersex condion: girls with masculinized genitals
oGirls enhanced spaal skills; more acve and aggressive
Estrogens and ‘feminizing’ eect understudied
Dr. Nicky Newton | PS287 Goldie-Anne Weiss | WLU | Fall 2015
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