PS381 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Response Bias, Structured Interview

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30 Jan 2013
Lecture 7 : Structural Clinical Interview for Axis 1 Disorders (SCID-I)
Importance of Diagnosis to Clinical Practice
Manny possible client problems
Determine full set of problems
Treatment planning
A structured interview is the way to diagnosis
Importance of Diagnosis to Clinical Research
Need common diagnostic standards across studies
The Structured Interview
Designed so the clinician asks standardized questions in prescribed order
SCID most widely used in North America, used for adults
: there is one for Axis 1 and one for Axis 2
Without the SCID, the diagnosis has low reliability
SCID Components
Overview, screener, 9 main modules, scoring sheet
Overview Module
Has Open ended interview (they answer however they want through elaboration) vs. Close Ended
Interview (answered yes or no)
Open ended bc it is designed to collect info so that you can maintain a rapport with your client
through the client being able to tell the therapist in their own words what the problem is & the
therapist can collect info that they wouldn't if it was a close ended question
Client states problem in own words
Covers : work history, treatment history, current functioning of client, etc.
Screener Module
12 screening questions
Helps pinpoint particular modules that will likely spend time on and others that don't need to be
Helps reduce potential effects of a 'negative response bias' (answering No to make the interview
go faster)
There is no elaboration for the client in screener module, instead it will be talked about later
Closed ended questions
9 Main Modules
ex. Mood episodes, substance use, mood disorders
Hard to find where the next question is
Hard to find where the go to note is (when it says yes or no, then go to this)
There are some questions that don't go into as much detail as clinician wants (ex. Have you
experienced depression most or nearly all of the day, which one is it)
New clinicians over diagnosis clients
Takes a long time to administer
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