PS381 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Open Access Journal, Impact Factor, Psychopathology

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30 Jan 2013

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Lecture 2 :
Journals and Overview of the Peer Review Process
Disseminating their Research
Writing books, chapters in books
Psychology : most commonly is through a scientific journal
Scientific Journals
They are peer-reviewed
The reports if don't meet high enough standards they are rejected (rejected is more common than
They are many journals published in many different specific areas
Purpose of Journals
First scientific journal in the 17th century
: there were too many books, so the journals were there to summarize the material
: served as a social role
18th/19th century
: scientists had a need to claim certain knowledge as their own
20th century
: legitimization and validation
: journals used as survival for one's own work and their career
Differences among journals
Prestige : journals vary in prestige (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology)
: journals of high prestige reject more articles and are more often read
: Journal Impact Factor = a value on average the journal is cited per year
= 15 is very high amount of citing for a journal
Reviews of areas of research : journals that are reviews, are used to summarize a certain body of
Primary empirical research : publishes primary empirical research
: ex. Journal of Abnormal Psychology (covers anything in
: specialty journals : there are journals that publish things specifically
(ex. Journal of Eating Disorders)
How a Journal Works
Authors submit their work to the journal editors (journal referees), the action editor reviews the
journal as well
The reviewers name, and the authors names are often taken out of the process (reviewers name
bc they don't want the authors to question their expertise, etc.) (authors name bc of any bias's
there might be)
The author is often sent comments of their paper and asked to edit and re-submit it again
The reviewers are volunteers, unpaid
Social sciences are less likely to publish papers, vs. physical sciences which publish many
What the reviewers are looking for : the importance of the work, reasonable conclusions, flaws in
the work
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