PS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Hallucinogen, Caffeine, Depressant

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18 Dec 2016

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Lecture 17
Types of Drugs
Compensatory Response - body not prepared for the dosage
Tolerance- over time we build up a tolerance, so we have to up the dose to get the same response
Alter your behaviour, block/excite neurotransmitters:
Psychological impact and how they interact (*know the chart)- what neurotransmitters are found in
what drugs and how they affect us
Decrease nervous system activity
Moderate doses
o Reduce anxiety; produce euphoria (good feeling)
High doses
o Slow vital life processes
o Can be fatal
Increases activity of GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter-anxiety reduction)
Decreases activity of glutamate (major excitatory neurotransmitter)
Combination creates 'high' and then 'down' phase (inhibits neurotransmitters)
Increase neural firing and arouse nervous system
o Increase blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, alertness (keeps you awake, and allows you
to focus)
o Pattern: big high, big low
Everyday: caffeine- addictive/withdrawal
o Examples: Cocaine (increases activity of norepinephrine, dopamine by blocking uptake
o Chronic use leads to cognitive impairment, brain damage
o Increases energy and alertness, produces feelings of euphoria and well being
o Increase dopamine activity
o Continuous heavy use can produce amphetamine psychosis
Narcotics- Opioids
Opium= product of poppy plant- opiates
o Morphine, codeine, heroin
Bind to receptors activated by endorphins
o Pain relief
o Mood changes, including euphoria
Highly addictive and traumatic withdrawal (Withdrawal from these drugs is much more severe-
because it causes very high euphoria and binds to receptors a different way)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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