PS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Gender Role, Peak Experience, Trepanning

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18 Dec 2016

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Lecture 20
Self-actualized Personality
o Balanced autonomous
o Ethical
o Driven
o Humour
o Live in reality comfortably
o Peak experiences- awe, insight
Self-actualization is parenting
Humanistic Approaches
Carl Rogers Self Theory
Central Concept= self-concept
o Organized, consistent set of perceptions and beliefs about oneself (who am I?)
o Relatively stable
o Dose of distortion = positive self- concept
Congruence vs Incongruence (distortion from reality)
Anxiety =high incongruence
Roger's Development of self- concept
Need: Love, affection, acceptance
Child needs unconditional positive regard to develop self-worth
o "I loe you but I don’t like hat you did"
o Therapy- empathic understanding, genuine
Challenges to Humanistic Approaches
Operationally defining terms (peak experience, self actualized)
Oversimplified: parent-child relationships
Personality and Context
Differences as a function of context
Gender differences? -few if any
o Social role/ gender role theory
Cultural differences
o Individualistic/ collectivist
Socio-cultural/Cross-cultural Perspectives
Narcissism- "all about me"
o Driven to maintain overly-high, positive self-concept
Abnormal Psychology (Psychological Disorders)
History of Psychological Disorders
Trephining/ trepanning
Release demons (Drill a hole in the skull, if the person dies oh well and if they survive then their
demons were released)
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find more resources at
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